Proposed physical explanation for the electron spin and related antisymmetry. (arXiv:1707.08674v2 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

We offer a possible physical explanation for the origin of the electron spin
and the related antisymmetry of the wave function for a two-electron system, in
the framework of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics as provided by linear
stochastic electrodynamics. A consideration of the separate coupling of the
electron to circularly polarized modes of the random electromagnetic vacuum
field, allows to disclose the spin angular momentum and the associated magnetic
moment with a $g$-factor 2, and to establish the connection with the usual
operator formalism. The spin operator turns out to be the generator of internal
rotations, in the corresponding coordinate representation. In a bipartite
system, the distinction between exchange of particle coordinates (which include
the internal rotation angle) and exchange of states becomes crucial. Following
the analysis of the respective symmetry properties, the electrons are shown to
couple in antiphase to the same vacuum field modes. This finding, encoded in
the antisymmetry of the wave function, provides a physical rationale for the
Pauli principle. The extension of our results to a multipartite system is
briefly discussed.

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