Quantum coherence, radiance, and resistance of gravitational systems. (arXiv:1701.04122v3 [gr-qc] UPDATED)

We develop a general framework for the open dynamics of an ensemble of
quantum particles subject to spacetime fluctuations about the flat background.
An arbitrary number of interacting bosonic and fermionic particles are
considered. A systematic approach to the generation of gravitational waves in
the quantum domain is presented that recovers known classical limits in terms
of the quadrupole radiation formula and back-reaction dissipation. Classical
gravitational emission and absorption relations are quantized into their
quantum field theoretical counterparts in terms of the corresponding operators
and quantum ensemble averages. Certain arising consistency issues related to
factor ordering have been addressed and resolved. Using the theoretical
formulation established here with numerical simulations in the quantum regime,
we discuss potential new effects including decoherence through the spontaneous
emission of gravitons and collectively amplified radiation of gravitational
waves by correlated quantum particles.

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