Quantum computational representation of gauge field theory. (arXiv:1612.09291v3 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

Presented is a quantum computing model of a quantum field theory for a system
of fermions interacting via a massive gauge field. The model describes a
relativistic superconducting fluid and uses a metric tensor field to both
encode the fermion's intrinsic spin in the torsion of curved space and encode
the coupling of fermions via a massive 4-potential field. The quantum computing
model is a lattice model whose cell size is a deformation parameter: the
equivalent lattice and curved-space gauge field theory models both reduce to
quantum field theory in flat Minkowski space at zero cell size. The low-energy
expansions of the lattice model and Euler-Lagrange equations of the
curved-space gauge field theory are the same equations of motion. The fermion
and gauge fields obey the Dirac and Proca equations, and the gauge field
strength is determined by the fermion field.

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