Quantum Zeno dynamics of a matter-wave bright soliton. (arXiv:1802.01835v1 [quant-ph])

Due to the peculiar laws of quantum mechanics, frequently ascertaining
whether a system is inside a region can set up a wall around this region. This
is called the quantum Zeno dynamics (QZD). Recently, evidence of the
spatial-QZD repulsion is observed in a Bose-Einstein condensate depleted by an
electron beam. On the other hand, one of most studied phenomena in
Bose-Einstein condensates is the solitons. In particular, it is known that a
bright soliton can be repelled by repulsive potentials behaving very similarly
to a classical particle. We show within the context of the recent experimental
capability combining a Bose-Einstein condensate and an electron beam that the
QZD repulsion can repel a bright soliton in a very similar fashion. We show
this offers a new useful tool for manipulating bright solitons.

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