Rare quantum metastable states in the strongly dispersive Jaynes-Cummings oscillator. (arXiv:1706.05337v2 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

We present evidence of metastable rare quantum-fluctuation switching for the
driven dissipative Jaynes-Cummings (JC) oscillator coupled to a
zero-temperature bath in the strongly dispersive regime. We show that
single-atom complex amplitude bistability is accompanied by the appearance of a
low-amplitude long-lived transient state, hereinafter called `dark state',
having a distribution with quasi-Poissonian statistics both for the coupled
qubit and cavity mode. We find that the dark state is linked to a spontaneous
flipping of the qubit state, detuning the cavity to a low-photon response. The
appearance of the dark state is correlated with the participation of the two
metastable states in the dispersive bistability, as evidenced by the solution
of the Master Equation and single quantum trajectories.

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