Relative resilience to noise of standard and sequential approaches to measurement-based quantum computation. (arXiv:1712.05661v1 [quant-ph])

A possible alternative to the standard model of measurement-based quantum
computation (MBQC) is offered by the sequential model of MBQC -- a particular
class of quantum computation via ancillae. Although these two models are
equivalent under ideal conditions, their relative resilience to noise in
practical conditions is not yet known. We analyze this relationship for various
noise models in the ancilla preparation and in the entangling-gate
implementation. The comparison of the two models is performed utilizing both
the gate infidelity and the diamond distance as figures of merit. Our results
show that in the majority of instances the sequential model outperforms the
standard one in regard to a universal set of operations for quantum
computation. Further investigation is made into the performance of sequential
MBQC in experimental scenarios, thus setting benchmarks for possible cavity-QED

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