Shortcuts to adiabaticity by counterdiabatic driving for trapped-ion displacement in phase space. (arXiv:1601.05551v3 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

The application of adiabatic protocols in quantum technologies is severely
limited by environmental sources of noise and decoherence. Shortcuts to
adiabaticity by counterdiabatic driving constitute a powerful alternative that
speed up time-evolution while mimicking adiabatic dynamics. Here we present the
first experimental implementation of counterdiabatic driving in a continuous
variable system, a shortcut to the adiabatic transport of a trapped ion in the
phase space. The resulting dynamics is equivalent to a "fast-motion video" of
the adiabatic trajectory. The robustness of this protocol is shown to surpass
that of competing schemes based on classical local controls and Fourier
optimization methods. Our results demonstrate that shortcuts to adiabaticity
provide a robust speedup of quantum protocols of wide applicability in quantum

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