Stochasticity and Bell-type Quantum Field Theory. (arXiv:1802.01898v1 [quant-ph])

This paper critically discusses an objection proposed by H. Nikolic against
the naturalness of the stochastic dynamics implemented by the Bell-type Quantum
Field Theory, an extension of Bohmian Mechanics able to describe the phenomena
of particles creation and annihilation. Here I present: (i) Nikolic's ideas for
a pilot-wave theory accounting for QFT phenomenology evaluating the robustness
of his criticism, (ii) Bell's original proposal for a Bohmian QFT with a
particle ontology and (iii) the mentioned Bell-type QFT. I will argue that
although Bell's model should be interpreted as a heuristic example showing the
possibility to extend Bohm's pilot- wave theory to the domain of QFT, the same
judgement does not hold for the Bell-type QFT, which is candidate to be a
promising possible alternative proposal to the standard version of quantum
field theory. Finally, contra Nikolic, I will provide arguments in order to
show how a stochastic dynamics is perfectly compatible with a Bohmian quantum

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