Super-Resolution Quantum Imaging at the Heisenberg Limit. (arXiv:1712.02200v1 [quant-ph])

Quantum imaging exploits the spatial correlations between photons to image
object features with a higher resolution than a corresponding classical light
source could achieve. Using a quantum correlated $N$-photon state, the method
of optical centroid measurement (OCM) was shown to exhibit a resolution
enhancement by improving the classical Rayleigh limit by a factor of $1/N$. In
this work, the theory of OCM is formulated within the framework of an imaging
formalism and is implemented in an exemplary experiment by means of a
conventional entangled photon pair source. The expected resolution enhancement
of a factor of two is demonstrated. The here presented experiment allows for
single-shot operation without scanning or iteration to reproduce the object in
the image plane. Thereby, photon detection is performed with a newly developed
integrated time-resolving detector array. Multi-photon interference effects
responsible for the observed resolution enhancement are discussed and possible
alternative implementation possibilities for higher photon number are proposed.

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