Thermodynamic bounds on coherent transport in periodically driven conductors. (arXiv:1906.04297v1 [cond-mat.mes-hall])

We establish a family of new thermodynamic constraints on heat and particle
transport in coherent multi-terminal conductors subject to slowly oscillating
driving fields as well as moderate electrical and thermal biases. These bounds
depend only on the number of terminals of the conductor and the base
temperature of the system. Going beyond the second law of thermodynamics, they
imply that every local current puts a lower limit on the mean dissipation
caused by the overall transport process. As a key application of this result,
we derive two novel trade-off relations restricting the performance of
adiabatic quantum pumps and isothermal engines. On the technical level, our
work combines Floquet scattering and linear-adiabatic-response theory with
recent techniques from small-scale thermodynamics. Using this framework, we
illustrate our general findings by working out two specific models describing
either a quantum pump or an isothermal engine. These case studies show that our
bounds are tight and provide valuable benchmarks for realistic devices.

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