Frequency-encoded linear cluster states with coherent Raman photons. (arXiv:1802.02859v1 [quant-ph])

Entangled multi-qubit states are an essential resource for quantum
information and computation. Solid-state emitters can mediate interactions
between subsequently emitted photons via their spin, thus offering a route
towards generating entangled multi-photon states. However, existing schemes
typically rely on the incoherent emission of single photons and suffer from
severe practical limitations, for self-assembled quantum dots most notably the
limited spin coherence time due to Overhauser magnetic field fluctuations. We
here propose an alternative approach of employing spin-flip Raman scattering
events of self-assembled quantum dots in Voigt geometry. We argue that weakly
driven hole spins constitute a promising platform for the practical generation
of frequency-entangled photonic cluster states.

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