Open PhD position on a compact optical lattice clock using strontium atoms at HU Berlin

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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Joint Laboratory Integrated Quantum Sensors is located at the HU Berlin and Ferdinand Braun Institute
in Berlin. Our activities include development of miniaturized laser systems, inertial quantum sensors using
atom interferometry, various gas cell based optical frequency references as well as optical lattice clocks
based on cold strontium atoms. In our group we have an open PhD positions as part of a project funded
by the DLR to develop a compact and portable optical lattice clock based on strontium.

Developing a compact and portable optical lattice clock based on laser cooled strontium

Compact and robust optical frequency references receive increased attention with respect to spaceborne
operation. Current and planned applications for optical frequency standards in space include earth-observation
and fundamental science missions. At the moment we are setting up a newly designed optical lattice clock
that will surpass the frequency stability of gas cell based optical references by several orders of magnitude.
To achieve this goal we are closely working with several industry partners to develop miniaturized optical and
mechanical assemblies. Strontium atoms are laser cooled and then trapped in an optical lattice inside an
ultra-high vacuum chamber. Our setup provides a flexible platform for a variety of new exciting experiments
with strontium for example measuring gravity or exploring the rich properties Rydberg interactions.

Required scientific and technical competences:

• Master’s degree in physics
• Hands-on experience in atomic physics and/or quantum optics experiments.
• Good programming skills are desired
• General laboratory skills (e.g. RF electronics, opto-mechanics and optics)
• Good team spirit and ability to work independently in a collaboration is essential

Contact: Dr. Vladimir Schkolnik (vladimir.schkolnik at

Please include Reference number DR/070/21 in your application.