PhD Scholarship, Optimisation of Satellite-Based Quantum Communications, UNSW, Sydney, Australia

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Quantum communication via low-orbit satellites offers up a paradigm shift in telecommunications. Providing for unparalleled communication security, this emerging technology will also lead us into the development of the global quantum internet. This research area was given an enormous boost with the recent launch of the world's first quantum satellite. This new satellite will create entangled photon pairs, beaming them down to earth for subsequent processing and use in a range of communication scenarios. In this research work we will leverage optical quantum communications, atmospheric channel modelling, and control theory to deliver novel and optimised quantum communication protocols specifically designed for the difficult atmospheric channels traversed by entangled photons such as those leaving a quantum-enabled satellite. We will consider hybrid architectures involving discrete and continuous variable quantum states in conjunction with feedback control based on channel assessments. Our work will lead to state-of-the-art quantum communication protocols that optimise secure communication throughput over very large distances.
Financials: (AUD) 40K per year stipend for 4 years. Tuition Fees covered for full 4 year period. Up to (AUD) 10K annually to build your career and support your international collaborations.