PhD/Postdoc Position in Space-Based Quantum Memories at the HU Berlin

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

This position is embedded in the research project OPTIMO-II, a DLR-funded project investigating atomic quantum memories for operation in space.
We are looking for a PhD student to work on the development of space-compatible laser-cooled atomic ensemble platform for a variety of quantum optics experiments from long-lived quantum memories to EIT-based velocimetry in microgravity conditions. The work will be highly interdisciplinary and involve domestic and international collaborations such as DLR, NASA JPL, University of Strathclyde, and Centre of Quantum Technologies. Our group has a long heritage in space flights and we are part of large collaborations such as BECCAL which aims to send a new generation of cold atom experiment to the ISS.

With suitable qualification, this position can be upgraded and filled with a Post-Doc position.

Required scientific and technical competences:
• Master’s degree in physics
• Hands-on experience in atomic physics and/or quantum optics experiments e.g. laser cooling of atoms, optical spectroscopy, photon sources etc.
• Good programming skills are desired
• General laboratory skills (e.g. RF electronics, opto-mechanics and optics)
• Familiarity with concepts in quantum information science would be beneficial
• Good team spirit and ability to work independently in a collaboration is essential

Contact: Dr. Markus Krutzik (markus.krutzik at or Dr. Mustafa Gündoğan (mustafa.guendogan at

Please visit our group website for more information.