Postdoctoral Researcher in Spinor BEC

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Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Laser-Cooled Atoms Group led by Dr. Jonathan Wrubel at Creighton University is seeking a postdoctoral fellow. The successful candidate would play a leading role in a team of graduate and undergraduate students working with ultracold potassium-41. The goals of this project are to use a radio-frequency Feshbach resonance to dynamically modify the spin-dependent interaction energies at low magnetic fields in a spinor Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC). Using this technique we are interested in producing spin-entangled states as a resource for interferometry beyond the standard quantum limit. Other projects include exploring unique magnetic phases made possible by the dynamical control of spin-interactions, and the emulation of spin-polaron physics and quantum walk algorithms using a 2D optical lattice. The successful candidate will have an opportunity to shape the research direction in this unique experiment and explore creative ideas in spinor BECs.

The postdoctoral fellow will benefit from interaction with a diverse group of researchers as a part of the Emergent QUAntum materials and TEchnologies (EQUATE) collaboration. This interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration is focused on leveraging quantum mechanics to understand and build the next generation of quantum materials. The EQUATE collaboration includes 20 research groups from across Nebraska. Some of the other EQUATE investigators the candidate will interact with have research specialties in cold-atom theory, BECs of exciton-polaritons, and quantum-computing algorithms.

The successful candidate will be expected to lead the experimental effort at Creighton University and also to assist in guiding student research projects. The candidate must have a Ph.D. in experimental physics or engineering. Prior cold-atom experience is not required. If you are new to cold-atom research you will find it is an exciting and rewarding field! Teaching opportunities exist for the interested candidate, but teaching is not a requirement. The candidate will have the opportunity to travel to national and/or international conferences to present this work.

Creighton University is a private Jesuit, Catholic coeducational urban university that encourages applications from qualified individuals who bring diverse perspectives. U.S. News and World Report regularly has ranked Creighton University as the top regional Master’s Level institution in the Midwest. Creighton University is also ranked #13 nationally for undergraduate teaching, tied with other universities including Duke, Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Chicago. With an undergraduate population of about 4500 students and about 4500 more graduate students, Creighton has many of the advantages of a large research university, but retains the collegiality of a smaller college.

Ph.D. in experimental physics or engineering
Excellent scientific communication skills (written and verbal)
Ability to collaborate with others and guide student research