Theoretical postdoc at LANL: molecular qubits

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Friday, April 29, 2022

A position is available for a talented and motivated postdoctoral researcher with a strong background in one of the following areas and the ability/willingness to learn and collaborate with the experts: (i) theory and modeling of quantum photon emission properties of hybrid nanoscale semiconductor-molecular materials influenced by photonic/plasmonic cavities and/or waveguides; (ii) theory of molecular nanomagnet qubits, EPR spectroscopy of interacting spins, spin and/or photon correlations; (iii) electronic structure theory and first-principles modeling of molecular qubits influenced by environmental fluctuations including spin-phonon interactions. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to engage with a dynamic, multidisciplinary experimental and theoretical research team that bridges fundamental science with applications and results-oriented device development and integration.

Job Requirements:
Knowledge and experience in one of the following:
• Theoretical/computational quantum optics/plasmonics.
• Experience with quantum effects in molecular or solid-state systems
• Electronic structure theory and atomistic simulation of materials.
Education/Experience: Ph.D. in either theoretical/computational quantum optics/photonics, condensed matter theory, or theoretical physical chemistry completed within the last 5 years or soon to be completed.

Desired Qualifications:
• Analytical skills in the theory of open quantum systems
• Experience of using or willingness to learn QuTiP or other similar quantum optics packages
• Experience to work on the theory of molecular qubits, and modeling of correlated spin dynamics in open systems
• First-principles modeling of magnetic properties of molecular spins interacting with environment
• Good communication and writing skills
• Ability to work well with others in a multi-disciplinary team
• Willingness to work productively on multiple projects

Note to Applicants:
• The appointment is for 2 years, with a possible extension for the 3rd year
• Contact about this position to one of the project members: Andrei Piryatinski (, Nikolai Sinitsyn ( ), or Yu Zhang ( ).
• Send a cover letter and your CV to start the application process. At least 3 letters of recommendation are desirable, and will be required before the final interview.

This position will be physically located at Theoretical Division ( and will require on-site presence following division’s COVID-19 guidelines.

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