Quantum Many-Body Dynamics Group, Sofia University


Sofia University, Faculty of Physics
5 James Bourchier Blvd.
Sofia, 1164


Research in the group focuses on out-of-equilibrium quantum dynamics to study problems at the interface of condensed matter, AMO, and statistical physics. To investigate the far-from-equilibrium behavior of many-body systems, we will be developing both analytical understanding and computational tools at the interface of quantum mechanics and machine learning. We are collaborating with leading experimental and theoretical groups in the field. You can get an idea about the kind of problems we study by browsing through some of my previous projects on https://mgbukov.github.io/.

The group is currently funded by a VIHREN research frontier grant from the Bulgarian National Science Foundation, and a Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions grant from the European Commission's Research Executive Agency. The group maintains an active network of international collaborations with leading groups in the field [Berkeley, Boston, Brussels, Harvard, Munich, etc.]. The working language in the group is English.

We currently have open positions for bachelor, master, PhD students, and postdocs in the group. Please, contact Marin Bukov at mgbukov(at)phys.uni-sofia.bg for more details.