Theory and Experiment

We investigate quantum optical and quantum information processes with cold atoms and non-classical light sources, especially quantum processes arising from light-atom interactions. Our main activities are in two related areas: manipulation of cold atomic ensembles, including spin squeezing and generation of atom-light entanglement, and generation of squeezed, entangled, and single-photon states of light at atomic resonance wavelengths.

Quantum Technology at Queens (QTeQ) researches into the field of quantum information processing and quantum optics applications.

ERATO-SORST Quantum Computation and Information Project, funded by Japan Science and Technology (JST) Agency, conducts wide area of research related to quantum information science. We proceed our studies in collaboration with active research groups on quantum information theory and experiment in U. Tokyo, NII, NEC Labs, and other research organizations.

'''Head:''' Andrew Steane

'''Institution:''' University of Oxford, Department of Physics, Oxford, U.K.

== Research ==
quantum computing, quantum error correction

== Permanent Staff ==
Andrew Steane

David Lucas

Derek Stacey

== Post-docs ==

Jeff Sherman

Eion Phillips

Simon Webster

Ben Keitch

== Graduate Students ==

Gergely Imreh

David Szwer

Alice Myerson

Spike Curtis

Our group studies electron transport through metal or semiconducting structures with critical dimensions of a few nanometers. The physics of electron transport in nanostructures is incredibly rich, and at low temperatures, quantum mechanical behavior emerges: the energy levels in the structures are quantized, just like in atoms and molecules.


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