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Chuck Easttom is the author of 29 books, including several on computer security, forensics, and cryptography. His books are used at over 60 universities. He has also authored scientific papers on digital forensics, cyber warfare, cryptography, and applied mathematics. He is an inventor with 17 computer science patents. He holds a Doctor of Science in cyber security (dissertation topic: a study of lattice-based cryptographic algorithms for post quantum computing) and three master’s degrees (one in applied computer science, one in education, and one in systems engineering). He is currently working on a second doctorate in a bit of a different field: bioengineering and nanotechnology (dissertation topic “The effects of nonlinear dynamics on nanotechnology and bioengineering”), due to complete in spring 2020. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and ACM (Association of Computing Machinery), and a member of IACR (International Association of Cryptological Research) and INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering). He is also a Distinguished Speaker of the ACM and a frequent speaker at conferences. He is a reviewer for six scientific journals including IEEE Open Access and the Editor in Chief for the American Journal of Science and Engineering. He has taught in a variety of settings and is current an adjunct professor for University of Dallas and Georgetown University. Dr. Easttom has also been active in IEEE standards groups.