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Master's student in physics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais(UFMG) who combined studies with working and other commitments. Seeking opportunities to apply the skills obtained through my career. Aiming at combining background, research experience and skills to develop a progress in quantum optics and quantum information. With skills to learn new things without leaving aside daily activities that also interest me like sports, chess, family life and meet new people.

My main research interests are the design and application of Quantum Optics systems and development at Quantum Information theory. At present I have knowledge about quantum correlations like Quantum Discord, Entanglement of Formation and your relation with entanglement. Currentlly in my master degree I am working both theoretically and experimentally with topological phases in multiqubit systems. My future research plans are to exploit the studies carried out during my bachelor and master degree to overcome the challenges that have quantum optical systems.