The First International Workshop on the Art, Science, and Engineering of Quantum Programming



Submission deadline: 

Sunday, January 15, 2023


Monday, March 13, 2023

Classical computing is reaching its limit. Thus, there is a need to revolutionize the current form of computing. Towards this end, quantum computing is one of the promising computing paradigms. However, programming quantum computers differ significantly from classical computing due to novel features of quantum computing, such as superposition and entanglement. Thus, the Art, Science, and Engineering of Quantum Programming differ from classical programming. Therefore, there is a need to initiate the discussion on the Art, Science, and Engineering of Quantum Programming and its relation with classical programming. QP2023, thus, will provide a platform for researchers and practitioners interested in various aspects of quantum programming and its relation with classical programming to discuss research challenges, possible solutions, and future research directions. Such discussion could build the road map for the Art, Science, and Engineering of Quantum Programming. Motivation

The workshop is intended for researchers at any stage of their careers, including students. Moreover, practitioners are also a relevant audience for the workshop.

We foresee QP as a specialization of the Programming 2023 conference; thus, all the topics from Programming 2023 tailored to quantum programming are relevant for QP2023. Submission Types

We invite submission of papers of the following types: * Regular papers (8 pages): Novel research works, experience reports * Position paper (2 pages): Describing a well-argued position. * Lighting Talks (Only Abstract, No Publication): challenges

Regular papers will be evaluated with respect to the real-world significance of the described quantum programming experience as well as their ability to forge partnerships and ultimately yield successful solutions. Position papers represent a position on any aspect of the Art, Science, and Engineering of Quantum Programming with good argumentation. Lighting talks are abstracts that describe late-breaking results, work in progress, or real-world challenges. Both position papers and lighting talks abstracts will be evaluated according to their ability to generate discussion and suggest interesting areas for future research.

Workshop Format

QP2023 will feature two types of events. First, we will have a session on the presentation of papers accepted in the workshop. The rest of the workshop will be focused on a dedicated discussion of the workshop topics in a similar fashion as Dagstuhl or Shonan to draft a roadmap on the topic of the workshop. The workshop organizers will send invitations to the researchers working in this area. However, the workshop is open to anyone interested. Please consult the workshop chairs if you are interested in joining the workshop.