Frequently Asked Questions

You can create a new user account here.

Currently we require administrator approval for accounts to be created, but most requests should be processed within a couple of days. If your request has not been processed for more than 3 days, please use the contact form to contact the site administrators.

In order to request new password go to user password page. Enter the email address associated with your account in the email field and wait for an e-mail to be sent to your with your one-time password. Use this password to log in and change your password.

We strongly recommend contacting Quantiki admins only after checking the list of existing FAQs carefully. If there is no solution to your problem there, you can get in touch with admins by using the contact form.

All you have to do is to register a new user account and start adding new content. You can create wiki articles or contribute other information relevant for quantum information community. As Quantiki is a community-base project the quality of published content depends on our users. So, if you spot any mistakes, go ahead and correct them. You can also comment on the published news, jobs etc. to provide more information for our users.

This is possible thanks to Bibwiki extension for Mediawiki. But you can use references only in Wiki articles. Quantiki help contains basic information [[Using_bibliography|how to use references]].

Quantiki is not a journal and we do not publish any papers. You can of course create a wiki article or add some information to our portal. To create new wiki article use the same method as in Wikipedia - just type in address bar (with appropriate My_new_article_title). Note however that wiki articles are not reviewed and anyone can edit them.

Unfortunately, this is not simple. If you have prepared you document using only basic LaTeX commands and simple math, you can try use our Latex2Wiki Conversion Tool. For more complicated documents we can recommend Pandoc, a universal document converter allowing to convert files from one markup format into another. In any case most probably you will need to edit resulting wiki markup.

Since updating to the new site, we have integrated Pandoc into our text filter system, so will soon allow you to be able to post LaTeX documents directly, though they will still need to perform some tweaks to perfect their appearance.

I have a problem with uplolading my Video Abstract

We have replaced the old uploading system with direct links to YouTube videos. To submit a video abstract, upload your video to YouTube and include a link to it when submitting your content.