International Online Workshop Quantum Many-Body Dynamics: Thermalization and its Violations



Registration deadline: 

Thursday, May 13, 2021


Monday, May 24, 2021 to Friday, May 28, 2021



PCS Video Conference
South Korea

How isolated quantum systems approach and reach equilibrium and thermalization constitutes a long-standing question, which goes back to the very early days of quantum mechanics. Unitary time evolution indeed seems to put severe limitations on the possibility for a closed quantum system to reach thermal equilibrium. This tension is usually solved by means of the celebrated Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis (ETH) which ultimately allows for local observables to thermalize their expectation values. The intuition behind ETH strongly relies on random matrix theory. Consequently, this creates a natural connection between the physics of thermalization and the theory of many-body quantum chaos. At the same time, another active line of research is devoted to find ways that quantum many-body systems can exploit to avoid thermalization. Among this line of investigation, quantum many-body scars and many-body localization have so far proved to be very promising directions to explore. The aim of this workshop is to bring together leading experts from all these mentioned fields, to provide an overview of the most recent results and techniques.

Topics include:

• Many-body quantum chaos and scrambling.
• Thermalization.
• Quantum many-body scars.
• Many-body localization.