PRACQSYS: Principles and Applications of Control in Quantum Systems

Monday, July 17, 2017
Hotel Deca
4507 Brooklyn Ave NE
United States
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Control systems had played a crucial role in industrial revolution, including the information technologies. While their applications have primarily been in the classical domain, with emerging quantum technology, we can also think of quantum control. In fact, the application of quantum control has already led to significant advances across a wide range of research fields such as chemistry, metrology (phase estimation), optical communication and computer science. Like classical systems, in quantum systems, the main goal of the control is to enhance the system performance in the presence of noise both from the external environment, and the uncertainty in system parameters. To understand the progress and need for quantum control in practical technologies, the 11th international workshop on Principles and Applications of Control in Quantum Systems (PRACQSYS) to be held at Seattle, WA we will bring together researchers in physics, material science, control theory, dynamical systems, stochastic theory, signal processing and information science. We will arrange invited talks from both academia and industries as well as seek contributed posters from the students working in the field of quantum control. To contribute posters, please send an abstract (1 page long) to the email: