Samson@60 2013




* Introduction
Speakers will cover the wide range of subjects to which Samson made pioneering contributions, stretching from the semantics of programming languages, including domain theory and game semantics, via logic were he introduced important notions such as full completeness, to quantum computing and quantum foundations, where he is a father of categorical quantum mechanics.

* Fee and Funding
Conference fee is £50 per person for speakers and participants. Cash (in sterling pounds) payable on 28th May 2013 at the arrival registration. Limited funding is available for students and young researchers. Please contact Destiny Chen for further details prior to your booking.

* Speakers
Talks will be provided by Samson's close colleagues and collaborators. Below is a provisional list of speakers, many more TBC:
* Bob Coecke
* Achim Jung
* Martin Hyland
* Noson S. Yanofsky
* Philip Scott
* Chris Hankin
* Peter Hines
* Simon Gay
* Nikos Tzevelekos
* Marcelo Fiore
* Paul-Andre Mellies
* Shane Mansfield
* Chris Heunen
* Prakash Panangaden
* Ray Lal
* Radha Jagadeesan
* Aleks Kissinger
* Ross Duncan
* Andrzej Murawski
* Michael Mislove
* Keye Martin

* Contact: