Time in Quantum Theory 2023


TiQT 2023

Organising group(s): 

Theory of Controlled Quantum Systems

Registration deadline: 

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Submission deadline: 

Friday, June 30, 2023


Monday, September 4, 2023 to Thursday, September 7, 2023



Castlecourt Hotel Westport

We’re thrilled to announce that this year's Time in Quantum Theory (TiQT) conference will take place between 4th-7th September 2023 at the Castlecourt Hotel, Westport, Ireland. TiQT aims to bring together disparate communities, providing a common platform to discuss questions including:
- Fundamental limitations to time keeping: how accurate can physical clocks be? This includes, but is not limited to, models for clocks, quantum information theory, and thermodynamics.
- Foundational aspects of time: what can philosophy and quantum foundations say about time? How does this reflect itself in theoretical models? How can the conception of time in quantum mechanics be reconciled with that of general relativity?
- How can we understand time through quantum experiments?

Confirmed invited speakers:
Prof. Astrid Eichhorn, University of Southern Denmark
Dr. Matt Farr, University of Cambridge
Prof. Gerard Milburn, University of Queensland
...and more exciting speakers to be announced soon!

Important dates for TiQT 2023:
30th June 2023 – Deadline for talk submissions
25th July 2023 – Notification of accepted talks
1st August 2023 – Early-bird registration deadline
31st August 2023 – Registration deadline

Abstract submission:
Abstract submissions for contributed talks is now open and will close on the 30th June 2023.
For more information including abstract submissions visit the website: https://www.tiqt.org/

Organising committee:
TiQT 2023 is organised by the ToCQS group at Trinity College Dublin. Contact the organising committee at 2023tiqt@gmail.com