Undergraduate Spring School on Quantum Science in Siegen




Friday, May 17, 2024 to Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Organising group(s): 

Theoretical Quantum Optics Group of Siegen

Registration deadline: 

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Submission deadline: 

Sunday, April 14, 2024



University of Siegen (on location)
Obergraben 25

Dear colleagues,

We are organising a spring school for students and would like to reach those who are not yet part of a research group. Could you please disseminate this announcement to potentially interested (undergraduate) students in your university/institution? Thank you!

Are you an undergraduate student with an interest in quantum science? Then we would like to invite you to PenteQost-24: the first interdisciplinary and international undergraduate spring school on the Fundamentals of Quantum Science, hosted on location by the University of Siegen, Germany, from May 17 to 21, 2024.

Find details on our website: https://indico.physik.uni-siegen.de/e/penteqost

We encourage interested undergraduate and graduate students to register and participate! Applicants from all areas of study are welcome – physics, maths, computer science, electrical engineering, or anything else. To minimize overlap with the regular lecture schedule during the summer semester, the school will take place during the long Pentecost weekend from Friday afternoon to Tuesday noon.

The lecturers are prestigious scientists in the field, such as Adan Cabello (U Sevilla), Ramona Wolf (ETH Zürich, U Siegen), Mariami Gachechiladze (TU Darmstadt), Christof Wunderlich (U Siegen), Michael Johanning (eleQtron).

You will learn the theoretical fundamentals and the experimental practice of quantum science and technology:

  • Quantum foundations – understand the science of quantum information and how it can enable fast computing and secure communication
  • Quantum Key Distribution – understand how quantum physics facilitates invulnerable encryption methods for perfectly secure digital communication
  • Quantum Algorithms – discover computational tasks in which quantum computers of the future will outperform conventional ones
  • Complexity Theory – understand why certain classes of computational problems are much harder than others, and how quantum computers can help us tackle them
  • Quantum Computing with Trapped Ions – glimpse into one of the leading technological platforms for the quantum chips of the future

There is no participation fee. Travel and accommodation is self-organized, and we recommend that you book your accommodation as early as possible.We provide monetary support to partially cover travel and accommodation costs for those who need it.

The registration can be found here, the deadline is April 14, 2024