VI Paraty Quantum Information School

Monday, August 14, 2017
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Friday, April 14, 2017
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Friday, April 14, 2017
23° 13' 12.1944" S, 44° 43' 13.7136" W

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School Dates: 14th to 19th, August, 2017

This is an introductory- to mid-level postgraduate school, focusing on theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum information and quantum computation. Each course will consist of 5:15hrs of lectures in English.

It is targeted at MSc. and PhD students wishing to quickly learn the basics of these rapidly developing fields from some of the world’s leading experts.

Following the school there will be an international workshop covering current research and recent advances in these fields. Students are strongly recommended to apply to both events.

The 2017 lecturers&lectures:
-) Caslav Brukner, University of Viena: "Quantum Causality".
-) Michal Lipson & Alexander Gaeta, Columbia University: "On-chip devices for quantum optics".
-) Emile Hoskinson, D-Wave Sys. Inc.: "D-Wave’s approach to quantum computing".
-) Elham Kashefi, University of Edinburgh: "Verification of Quantum Technology: From Theory to Practice".
-) Marcelo Terra Cunha, Unicamp: "On Quantum Contextuality and Nonlocality".
-) Alexia Auffeves, Institute Néel: "Quantum thermodynamics".