Workshop on Quantum Nonlocality, Causal Structures and Device-independent Quantum Information



Registration deadline: 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Submission deadline: 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

A workshop on Quantum Nonlocality, Causal Structures and Device-independent Quantum Information will be held from 10th-14th December 2015 at Tainan, Taiwan. The workshop features no registration fees, but due to limitation in space and funding, interested individuals are encouraged to register for the workshop as soon as possible. Posters reporting original research relevant to the themes of the workshop are strongly encouraged. Subjected to the availability of free speaking slot(s), a small number of contributed posters may be upgraded to contributed oral contributions. To this end, please take note of the following deadlines:

Deadline of abstract submission: 1st October 2015
Notification of acceptance: 21st October 2015
Deadline of registration: 30th October 2015

A short description of the themes and the mission of the workshop is appended below:

Quantum nonlocality refers to the fact that the bewildering nature of quantum physics allows for correlations between measurement outcomes that are inexplicable through any intuitive mechanism in spacetime. This seminal discovery by John Bell is a milestone in the development of modern physics, and has triggered numerous discussions on what it means about our world in the context of causality, realism, determinism, free will, action at a distance etc

Fundamental considerations aside, the discovery of nonlocal correlations has led to practical applications in the context of quantum information, specifically device-independent quantum information, where our trust on the preparation and measurement devices can be reduced to a minimal level. Recent advances in the studies of nonlocal correlations have also inspired the studies of quantum causality, and have led to new perspectives in the studies of causal structures as well as causal discovery.

In view of the importance of these research topics, the workshop aims to bring together researchers actively working in the areas of nonlocal correlations, causal structures and/ or device-independent quantum information to:
- expose young researchers to hot research topics in these areas;
- keep interested individuals updated on the latest developments in these areas;
- facilitate discussion and further collaboration among researchers working in these areas.

We look forward to meeting you at Tainan!

Best Regards,
Organizers of the Workshop