ICTP-SAIFR Minicourse on Quantum Entanglement: From Quantum Information to Many-Body Physics and Beyond

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Saturday, June 23, 2018


R. Dr. Bento Teobaldo Ferraz, 271 bloco 2, 4o andar, Barra Funda. CEP: 01140-070
São Paulo
23° 31' 26.0328" S, 46° 40' 3.5904" W

Lecturers: Fernando Brandão (Caltech, USA) & Burak Sahinoglu (Caltech, USA)

Dates: August 20-24, 2018


In the course we will first cover the basics of the theory of quantum entanglement, which describes how two or more quantum mechanical systems can be correlated and which was developed over the past 20 years through the lens of quantum information theory. We will then discuss recent applications of the theory of entanglement to other branches of physics, from condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics to high energy physics. There is no registration fee and limited funds are available for travel and local expenses.

More information: http://www.ictp-saifr.org/qinfo2018