ZEISS Symposium Optics in the Quantum World



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Wednesday, April 18, 2018



48° 47' 6.936" N, 10° 6' 16.8768" E

Quantum effects are in use since the 20th century and have led to market shaping innovations like semiconductor electronics and lasers. In the 21st century, quantum technology developments focus on the controlled quantum state of individual or coupled systems. While this quantum technology is still in the research stage, it offers an enormous potential and a number of initiatives worldwide have been formed to foster the technology and its commercial potential.

The focus of this topical meeting is on the interrelation of the emerging applications and technologies. The meeting will be organized in a manner to allow intensive discussions and a fruitful exchange of ideas with a single keynote session and subsequent workshop-style presentations and discussions compiling whitepapers on the research needs of the addressed topics.

The results are the basis for a panel discussion of high ranking representatives of industry and academia working out the focus fields with need for joint action.

Specialized in scope and restricted in number of participants the topical meeting organized in the heartland of Germany’s optics industry will give you the opportunity to easily establish contacts and to initiate new research collaborations and business relations.

What's the ZEISS Symposium about?

The ZEISS Symposium is held every two years following the same format. It is intended as a platform for optics experts to identify trends and research requirements in this field. The results are published in a series of additional white papers.

The first ZEISS Symposium “Optics in the Digital World” was held in 2016 and networked around 200 international scientists and leading industry representatives. The next Symposium will be about "Optics in the Quantum World".

The ZEISS Research Award Ceremony will be held following the topical workshops at the ZEISS Symposium.

Important information about your registration

We’re delighted that you’re interested in the ZEISS Symposium 2018. Unfortunately, due to the seating capacity of the ZEISS Forum, the number of participants is limited, but you can request to join the waiting list now. We will provide you with more details by 2 April 2018 at the latest. Thank you for your cooperation.