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We are pleased to announce the next Q+ hangout organized by Daniel Burgarth. The event will take place this Wednesday (30.11.2011, 14:00 GMT) and this time Matthew Pusey (Imperial College) will present his work "The quantum state cannot be interpreted statistically".

'''Date:''' Wednesday, 30th of November (this Wednesday!), 14:00-15:00 GMT
'''Speaker:''' Matthew Pusey from Imperial College.
'''Title:''' The quantum state cannot be interpreted statistically
'''Abstract:''' What is the quantum state? One view is that a pure state is a physical property of system, much like position and momentum in classical mechanics. Another is that even a pure state has only a statistical significance, akin to a probability distribution in statistical mechanics. We use a particular family of measurements to show that it is difficult to maintain the latter view without rejecting the idea that quantum systems have any physical properties at all.