Special issue on coherent states: mathematical and physical aspects



This is a call for contributions to a special issue of Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical dedicated to coherent states. The motivation behind this special issue is to gather in a single comprehensive volume the main aspects (past and present), latest developments, different viewpoints and directions being followed in this multidisciplinary field. Given the impressive development of the field in the past two decades, the topicality of such a volume can hardly be overemphasized. We strongly believe that such a special issue could become a particularly valuable reference for the broad scientific community working in mathematical and theoretical physics, as well as in signal processing and mathematics.

Editorial policy

The Guest Editors for this issue will be Syed Twareque Ali, Jean-Pierre Antoine, Fabio Bagarello and Jean-Pierre Gazeau.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to, developments in the theory and applications of coherent states in:

* quantum optics, optomechanics, Bose–Einstein condensates
* quantum information, quantum measurement
* signal processing
* quantum gravity
* pseudo-Hermitian quantum mechanics
* supersymmetric quantum mechanics
* non-commutative quantum mechanics
* quantization theory
* harmonic and functional analysis
* operator theory
* Berezin–Toeplitz operators, PT-symmetric operators
* holomorphic representation theory, reproducing kernel spaces
* generalization of coherent states

All contributions will be refereed and processed according to the usual procedure of the journal. Papers should report original and significant research that has not already been published.

Guidelines for preparation of contributions

The deadline for contributed papers will be 31 October 2011. This deadline will allow the special issue to appear before the end of May 2012
There is a nominal page limit of 15 printed pages per contribution (invited review papers can be longer). For papers exceeding this limit, the Guest Editors reserve the right to request a reduction in length. Further advice on publishing your work in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical may be found at iopscience.iop.org/jphysa.
Contributions to the special issue should be submitted by web upload via authors.iop.org/, or by email to jphysa@iop.org, quoting `JPhysA Special issue on coherent states: mathematical and physical aspects'. Submissions should ideally be in standard LaTeX form. Please see the website for further information on electronic submissions.
All contributions should be accompanied by a read-me file or covering letter giving the postal and e-mail addresses for correspondence. The Publishing Office should be notified of any subsequent change of address.

The special issue will be published in the print and online versions of the journal.

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