2 Assistant Professorships (RTD-A) in Mathematical Physics in Bologna

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Friday, December 30, 2022

The Department of Mathematics of the University of Bologna has opened two 3-year RTD-A (Assistant Professor) positions in Mathematical Physics. Within the next three years the Mathematical Physics group plans to open two tenured positions.

The application procedure can be found at

The application deadline is sharp at 12:00 of 30-12-2022.

We are looking for top early-career researchers in the fields of Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Information Theory or Quantum Computing. These include but are not limited to areas of complex and disordered systems, spin glasses, classical and quantum neural networks and statistical inference, both from a theoretical perspective and by looking at applications, especially to machine learning and complex networks.
The two successful candidates are expected to be appointed by February 1, 2023. The teaching load is 60 hours per year.

The University of Bologna is the oldest University in continuous operation in the world and renowned to be one of the best in Italy. The city of Bologna offers a broad number of cultural activities and a high quality of life.

The Mathematical Physics Group is active in Statistical Mechanics and Applications (https://math.unibo.it/en/research/research-groups/statistical-mechanics-...), Quantum Information Theory (https://math.unibo.it/en/research/research-groups/quantum-information-th...), Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (https://math.unibo.it/en/research/research-groups/data-science-and-ai) and many other areas.
The Department has a wide spectrum of research interests in all the fields of mathematics:
and has close collaborations with the Departments of Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics etc.

For further information you are welcome to contact:
Prof. Pierluigi Contucci, pierluigi.contucci@unibo.it
Prof. Giacomo De Palma, giacomo.depalma@unibo.it
Prof. Daniele Tantari, daniele.tantari@unibo.it