CIFAR Junior Fellowship – Nanoelectronics Program

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

CIFAR’s Nanoelectronics Program is seeking an outstanding postdoctoral researcher to fill a Junior Fellowship position beginning in or after September 2012 to work on the theory of quantum optomechanical systems based on superconducting microwave circuits and superconducting qubits. The successful candidate will work with the groups of Prof. Alexandre Blais at Universite de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke, Quebec), and Prof. Aashish Clerk at McGill University (Montreal, Quebec) under joint supervision. The project focuses on recent progress in quantum optomechanical systems which has led to a situation where truly quantum regimes of operation and regimes where strong-coupling effects are important can be realized. A full theoretical understanding of these systems in these regimes, as well as their potential utility for quantum information applications, is currently lacking; it is the goal of this project to remedy this situation.

The Junior Fellow Academy of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research is an elite fellowship program designed to build research and leadership capacity in gifted young scholars at a critical early stage of career development. The Academy provides unique opportunities for personal and professional growth through close collaboration with and mentorship from some of the best researchers in Canada and around the world.

By participating both in an innovative CIFAR research program and the leadership-building Junior Fellow Academy, Junior Fellows learn to embrace CIFAR’s core values: to think broadly and imaginatively across disciplines and to collaborate on a deep level with colleagues. These valuable experiences are intended to profoundly impact a Junior Fellow’s future career path. This challenging project offering great potential is further described at this address The application deadline is January 20, 2012.