Experimental position in quantum information technology at University of Gdansk

Job type: 

The National Quantum Information Centre of Gdansk (NQuantIC), together with the University of Gdansk is seeking an experimentalist interested in a position (professor or senior researcher) in experimental quantum optics and/or quantum information technology.

We encourage physicists with a post-doc, or more advanced, experience to contact us. The selected person will be co-responsible for a grant application aimed at creating at the Centre a state-of-the-art laboratory of quantum optics and/or related approaches to quantum information technology. If the grant is successful the selected person will be given free hand to organize the lab, including several positions for the staff (to be negotiated). The expected funds for the initial equipment of the lab would be around two million euros. It will be the responsibility of the selected person to propose a promising avenue of experimental/applied research in quantum information. The Centre has links with local high-tech companies

Upon a preliminary agreement with National Laboratory of Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics (KL FAMO at Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland) the winning applicant is invited to propose and execute experimental projects at the existing versatile lab of KL FAMO, or join existing projects (especially welcome are those interested in linear ion traps). Upon completion of the new laboratory at NQuantIC the experimental activities are expected to move there, however strong collaboration links with KL FAMO are expected to be continued.

The candidates are not expected to speak Polish. Once the collaboration is established the Rector’s Office of the University of Gdansk will help the selected person as far as accommodation is concerned (a flat would be at his/her disposal, details will be negotiated).

For further information please contact: fizrh@univ.gda.pl, or fizmz@univ.gda.pl.

The Director of NQuantIC
Prof. Ryszard Horodecki