Four postdoctoral positions in quantum information science (University of Milan)

The Physics Department at the University of Milan invites applications for four postdoctoral positions within the Pure and Applied Quantum Mechanics group. We are seeking enthusiastic early-career scientists who are eager to advance professionally in a stimulating academic environment.

Our group explores innovative theoretical approaches to advance the field of quantum information science and technologies. As a postdoctoral researcher, you will have the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge projects and collaborate with leading experts in the field.

Candidates must hold an internationally-recognized Ph.D.-equivalent degree (or evidence of its completion in the nearest future), preferably in Physics, and should have a proven track record on the theory of one or more of the following quantum science topics: quantum optics, quantum information, quantum open systems, quantum control, quantum metrology, quantum machine learning, quantum thermodynamics.

A short description of the available projects follows, please contact the person in charge for further information:

  1. Design and optimization of feedback protocols for quantum state engineering and quantum metrology. The scope of the research project is the design of novel feedback control protocols for quantum state enginnering and for quantum metrology, optimized via advanced numerical techniques such as reinforcement learning. One will initially study single- and few-qubits systems to benchmark the obtained feedback strategies against existing protocols for the preparation of resourceful quantum states. Finally, the main focus will be on atomic ensembles subjected to quantum non-demolition measurements, with the aim of preparing spin-squeezed states and for applications in atomic clocks.
    The ideal candidate is expert in one or more of the following: i) theory of open quantum systems; ii) continuously measured quantum systems and quantum feedback control; iii) quantum optics and light-matter interaction; iv) quantum metrology/ quantum estimation theory; v) numerical optimization methods, such as reinforcement learning algorithms.
    Willingness to bridge theoretical and experimental research is very appreciated.
    Funding: PRIN 2022 - CONTRABASS. Duration: 2 years. Contact: Prof. Marco Genoni (
  2. Quantum resources for computing with bosonic architectures. This project concerns the efficient verification of large quantum computations, which represents a major bottleneck in quantum information processing. Relying on architectures based on bosonic infinite-dimensional quantum systems in superconducting and photonic platforms, the project objectives are to, first, identify the relevant quantum computational resources and, second, demonstrate the rigorous verification of quantum processors with a size beyond what is currently possible.
    Proven expertise in one or more of the following areas is valued: i) continuous-variable quantum systems; ii) quantum optics and light-matter interaction; iii) theory of quantum computation.
    Funding: EIC - Pathfinder Challenges - VeriQuB ( Duration: 2 years. Contact: Prof. Alessandro Ferraro (
  3. Chiral quantum walks. Contacts: Prof. Matteo Paris (, Prof. Claudia Benedetti (
  4. Multiparamenter quantum estimation. Contact: Prof. Matteo Paris (

How to apply?

Applicants must apply via the Milan University web platform, which can be accessed at:

Interested candidates are welcome to apply for one or more positions. We recommend contacting the principal investigator before submitting your application. Please note that each position has a distinct deadline and application link:

  1. Deadline: 08/02/2024 . Application link: Contact: Prof. Marco Genoni.
  2. Deadline: 08/03/2024 . Application link: Contact: Prof. Alessandro Ferraro.
  3. Deadline and application link will be available soon. Contacts: Prof. Matteo Paris, Prof. Claudia Benedetti.
  4. Deadline and application link will be available soon. Contact: Prof. Matteo Paris.