Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme

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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Beginning on 31/08/2023, applications are open for the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme.

The application process is competitive (success rate of 18% over the past five years) but has already funded a number of PhD studentships in Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Theory/Foundations.

The value of the scholarship will be up to a maximum of €28,000 per annum in any approved year and will consist of the following:

   a stipend of €19,000 per annum;
   a contribution to fees, including non-EU fees, up to a maximum of €5,750 per annum; and
   eligible direct research expenses of €3,250 per annum.

  • How to apply

Potential applicants should read the call documentation at carefully to ascertain whether or not they are eligible to apply. Indicative versions of the applicant and supervisor forms are provided for information purposes only. All participants must create and submit their forms via the online system.

Applicants whose research interests align with one of

Quantum Error-Correction and Fault-tolerance

   Stabilizer formalism (generalization to d-level systems, quantum error-correcting codes, Gottesman-Knill theorem)
   Clifford group (and classical simulability, representation via SL(2,p))
   Magic state distillation

Quantum Foundations

   Discrete Wigner functions (negative quasiprobabilities, Galois fields, relationship with G-K theorem)
   Mutually unbiased bases, SIC-POVMs, quantum Bayesianism
   Nonlocality & Contextuality

as well as

   Quantum Circuit Optimization 
   Quantum Circuit Simulation
   Quantum Software

may contact the PI Mark Howard directly at