Post-doc position in quantum computing and quantum information at Paris-Saclay

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Application deadline: 

Friday, July 30, 2021

A one-year postdoc position with 64hrs teaching in the field of quantum computing and quantum information is available within the Team QuaCS (Quantum Computation Structures) that is currently under creation at Université de Paris-Saclay.

In has permanent members:

Our research themes include:

  • Models of quantum computing (quantum causal graphs dynamics, quantum cellular automata, ZX-calculus...)
  • Quantum programming (logics, constructs, compilation, optimization & verification...)

We encourage applications from all aspects of the field of Quantum Computing and Quantum Information, including Foundations, whether they come from a CS, Mathematics, or Theoretical Physics background.

We do not do experimental Physics nor substrate-specific theoretical research, however.

The postdoc is funded by the French National Quantum Plan.

To apply, first send us an email with a CV, a list of publications, and a little paragraph explaining how you would interact with the group.