Postdoc in either Experiment or Theory of Hybrid Quantum Systems/Optomechanics

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Thursday, January 12, 2023

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The Quantum Machines Unit at the Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology has openings for posts in

* Experiments in hybrid systems in the Quantum Machines Unit: Magnetic levitation/Optomechanics
* Theory of hybrid quantum systems in Quantum Machines Unit

The Quantum Machines Unit seeks to develop hybrid quantum devices – where different types of quantum technologies are married together to build devices with unique functionality e.g. quantum sensors, quantum interfaces, probing the fundamentals of quantum mechanics, novel quantum computing architectures etc. Quantum Machines studied within the Unit can incorporate a wide variety of quantum technological platforms including superconducting quantum circuits, quantum optical, neutral atoms, solid-state, and mechanical quantum systems. In addition to theoretical work the Unit is focused on developing experimental quantum technology based on the preparation of quantum states of motion using magnetic levitation of small objects in vacuum. Such levitated nanoparticles may prove useful for the investigation of macroscopic Schrodinger Cats – which are useful for precision sensing and probing the fundamental links between gravity and quantum mechanics.

Experiment Post:

We are seeking talented researchers to perform experimental research in the field of hybrid quantum machines and in particular in either magnetic levitation or in optomechanics. Research in the topic of magnetic levitation focuses on supporting an object in 3D in vacuum using only magnetic forces. Research in the topic of optomechanics focuses on coupling moving objects to optical fields. We seek experimentalists with expertise in any of the following: optomechanics, magnetic engineering, cavity QED, optical resonators, experimental vacuum, cryogenic, electronics, photonics. Expertise in fast feedback systems e.g. FPGA, PID, etc is also desirable.

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Theory Post:

We are seeking talented researchers to perform theoretical research in the field of hybrid quantum machines. This can encompass but is not restricted to the following: quantum optics, optomechanics, electromechanics, diamond quantum systems, superconducting quantum systems, atomic quantum systems, mechanical quantum systems, quantum feedback systems, quantum sensing and metrology, and distributed quantum sensing.

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