PostDoc at KIT (Karlsruhe, Germany) in the field of quantum plasmonics or quantum optics at the nanoscale

Job type: 

We currently have an open position for a PostDoc that is supported by our basic funding. We look for a candidate that strengthens our activities in the field of quantum plasmonics and quantum optics at the nanoscale. Beyond this core expertise, the PostDoc shall support and complement our activities in the fields of linear and nonlinear plasmonics, near-field optics, metamaterials, and light propagation in disordered media. More details can be provided upon request.

The candidate we are looking for should have an excellent background in theoretical physics and a strong interest in electrodynamics and optics, particularly in quantum optics. This should be proven in a PhD thesis on related subjects and a convincing academic track record. The candidate shall possibly have already some experience as a PostDoc. The candidate should be committed to a scientific career. The candidate will be partially involved into teaching activities and other projects on related subjects. Therefore, he/she should be open to other research themes in the broader field of theoretical nanooptics.

What we offer:
The opportunity to develop an academic career in an environment that offers a multifold of possible collaborations. Depending on the success, the position enables the employment of candidates on rather long time scales. The opportunity for a further qualification (Habilitation) exists. Work can be done on many different subjects, for which the candidate can decide to a certain extent independent on which subjects he/she wants to put emphasize.

If you are interested in working in our group, please send your application including a CV, a publication list, a link where your PhD thesis can be downloaded, and reference letters to Prof. Dr. Carsten Rockstuhl (