Postdoc position in Paris on the "Theory of strongly correlated photonic systems"

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The open postdoc positions will be to work in the theory group of Professor Cristiano Ciuti, who was recently awarded a European Research Council (ERC) Grant entitled ‘Theory of strongly correlated photonic systems’ (CORPHO). <!--break-->

In artificial quantum system (such as photonic microstructures or superconducting quantum circuits), it is now possible to have strong interactions between photons confined in a cavity (photon box). By considering lattices of coupled cavities, researchers can realize in a controlled way strongly correlated photonic systems with fascinating quantum phases originating from the competition between photon hopping between cavities, photon-photon repulsion/attraction on the same cavity site, optical pumping and photon dissipation. The complexity of these out-of-equilibrium systems increases exponentially with the number of cavity sites, representing an enormous theoretical challenge. The project CORPHO will explore original ideas to develop novel theoretical methods of non-equilibrium quantum manybody physics to investigate and predict quantum phases of these new systems. This field of research is attracting a great deal of interest at the international level both for the study of strongly correlated systems and for quantum device applications.

Candidates with a strong background in both analytical and numerical calculations are welcome. Experience in strongly correlated systems and/or quantum optics and/or quantum information would be ideal.