Postdoc position in quantum computation (CPT PAS)

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Application deadline: 

Friday, February 14, 2020

Research group: 

Center for Theoretical Physics PAS

We are seeking for a postdoc in the filed of theoretical quantum computation.

The position will be implemented within the group of Michał Oszmaniec in Center for Theoretical Physics PAS in Warsaw. The group is founded form the project "Quantum computers of the near future: challenges, optimal of implementations and applications" ( awarded by Foundation for Polish Science.

Depending on the qualifications and competences of the candidates, we propose the following research topics:

• Certification and characterization of prototypes of quantum computers in order to develop effective methods of error mitigation on these devices.
• Mathematical foundations of quantum computing (effective compilation of quantum gates, universal quantum computation, new proposals for quantum advantage, classical simulation of noisy quantum computations)
• Application of generalized quantum measurements (POVMs) in new quantum algorithms and development of methods for their effective implementation on prototypes of quantum computers.

Web page page of the group:

We offer monthly net salary in the range 1500-2300 EUR, depending on the experience.

Details for the position:

Feel free to email for more info.