Postdoc position in quantum error correction (University of Tokyo)

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Sunday, December 3, 2023

We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher in quantum information theory to contribute to the theoretical side of the project “Exploring new physical laws by accurate quantum measurements in ultra-cold atom platforms” funded by JST CREST “Exploring Quantum Frontiers Through Quantum-Classical Interdisciplinary Fusion” (

The successful candidate will work at the group led by Ryuji Takagi at the University of Tokyo and will aim to develop theoretical foundations of quantum error correcting codes and related quantum information processing tasks designed for high-dimensional qudit systems, such as the one realized by cold atoms in optical trap arrays. The successful candidate will also be welcome to work with other members of the project, including Tomoyuki Morimae (Kyoto), Yoshifumi Nakata (Kyoto), and Takaya Matsuura (RMIT), as well as experimental groups led by Yoshiro Takahashi (Kyoto) and Osamu Tajima (Kyoto).

- Monthly salary: JPY 500,000 (before tax) + commuting allowance
- Duration: 1 year, with the possibility of extending 2 more years subject to the performance
- Application deadline: December 3, 2023 (Sun)
- Starting date: From April 1, 2024 onward (negotiable)
- Documents to be submitted: (1) CV, including email address and publication records (2) two letters of recommendation (3) any other documents that could help the reviewing process (optional)

Applicants should upload the required documents using the link below by the deadline.

The name of each file should begin with your last name, e.g., “[Last Name]_CV.pdf”. Please contact us if you do not receive an acknowledgment of receipt email from the university a few days after you have uploaded the files. Any inquiries about this position should be directed to Ryuji Takagi (