PostDoc position in Quantum Technologies

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Quantum Technology group (QTeQ) at Queen's University Belfast is offering a one-year postdoctoral position on quantum many-body physics and quantum technologies.

The successful candidate will work in collaboration with Dr Gabriele De Chiara in the framework of the EPSRC "First Grant": "Light-Matter interface detection of the full correlations distribution of a quantum many-body system". The aim is to study the full distribution of collective observables, such as normal and staggered magnetisations, and quantum correlations in magnetic systems embodied by neutral atoms in optical lattices.

The project will be carried on in close collaboration with Ass. Prof. Jacob Sherson from Aarhus University with the goal of designing experimentally viable schemes for the quantum non-demolition detection of quantum phases in optical lattices.

The selected candidate will be part of the QTeQ group, a young and vibrant group, currently consisting of 4 senior staff members (De Chiara, Ferraro, McCann, Paternostro),
see for more information on the group and research activities.

The one-year position is scheduled to start no later than September 2014 with a salary of £30,728 - £40,046 per annum. A generous package for travelling is included. The deadline for applying is Friday 30 May 2014.

For more details and to apply visit [ this link].

Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr Gabriele De Chiara, +44 (0)28 90 97 6053, g.dechiara[at]