Postdoc Positions at the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies in Warsaw, Poland

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

6 postdoc positions in theoretical quantum optics and quantum information science are available at the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies (QOT) at the University of Warsaw. Successful candidates will work within one of the following research teams:

Quantum Technologies Lab led by Prof Konrad Banaszek

Possible research topics:
- Characterization and modelling of optical channels, especially in the context of quantum communication protocols.
- Identification of capacity limits and mitigation of noise and imperfections.
- Designs and performance analysis of unconventional detection techniques operating beyond the standard quantum limits.
- Super-resolution imaging techniques exploiting spatial coherence and/or multiphoton measurement strategies.

Quantum Information and Inference Lab led by Dr Jan Kołodyński

Possible research topics:
- Quantum dynamical models of hot (also multi-species) atomic sensors that include dominant decoherence and collision (e.g. spin-exchange) mechanisms, when measured continuously with light.
- Numerical simulations (quantum trajectories, Monte-Carlo) of optomechanical and atomic sensors operating in real time with applications and analysis of current experiments.
- Development of software data-inference and signal-processing tools (Bayesian filtering, compressed sensing, machine learning) for them to be compatible and efficiently used when supplementing (real-time) quantum sensors.

Quantum Resources and Information Lab led by Dr Alexander Streltsov

Possible research topics:
- Quantum resource theories: exploring fundamental features of quantum systems, such as quantum entanglement, coherence, and quantum thermodynamics. Addressing questions such as the state conversion problem, quantifying resource costs for quantum process implementation.
- Quantum communication and quantum computation: application of quantum resource theories to quantify resource consumption in quantum communication protocols and to detect quantum features required for noisy quantum computation.
- Open quantum systems: application of quantum entanglement and coherence to detect and quantify memory effects in open quantum systems.

Profile of the candidates:
Candidates should have a PhD degree in physics or related field. Additionally, the candidate is required to have research experience corresponding to the requirement of the individual research labs.

Requirements for Quantum Technologies Lab:
Familiarity with at least one of the following research areas: optical physics, quantum optics, photonics, information theory, mathematical statistics, image processing.

Requirements for Quantum Information and Inference Lab
Familiarity with the theory of atom-light interactions and the formalism of continuous-time quantum measurements including (quantum) stochastic calculus or, in case of a software profile, experience in implementing signal-processing and data inference tools in quantum applications.

Requirements for Quantum Resources and Information Lab
Knowledge of at least one of the following topics: quantum resource theories, quantum communication, quantum computation, open quantum systems.

We offer:
Participation in an exciting research program conducted within a newly established the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies, with high scientific expectations and goals. Work within one of the labs operating within the unit yet in close collaboration with Centre’s theoretical and experimental groups, as well as other research teams specialising in quantum theory and its implementations within Warsaw’s research community.

An open and friendly research environment with access to all the facilities available within the Centre of New Technologies (CeNT)―an interdisciplinary research institute established within the University of Warsaw to gather international researchers of different backgrounds and experience, in order to conduct state-of-the-art research in biological, chemical and physical science.

Close collaboration with foreign institutions, with the necessary financial support of travels and scientific visits, in particular, with the University of Oxford (UK) ― the strategic partner of the unit.

For more information see the following links:
Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies (QOT):
Centre of New Technologies (CeNT):
University of Warsaw:
Quantum information groups in Warsaw:

Earliest starting date is 1. May 2020, a later starting date can be negotiated. The duration of the contract is 1 year, with possibility of extension.

Expected monthly net salary is ~2000 EUR

Applicants for the Postdoc position should submit the following documents via email to the address
1. Curriculum vitae;
2. Research record;
3. At least one reference letter from a senior researcher familiar with candidate’s work sent directly to the e-mail address before the application deadline;
4. Consent clause for processing personal data in the application process, signed and scanned, or electronically signed, that can be downloaded from
5. Candidate’s declaration confirming that she/he has read and accepted the rules for conducting competitions for the position of an academic teacher