Postdoctoral fellow in informatics, Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, Norway

This position is advertised across specialisations, and includes the following possible research topics:

1. Quantum information theory.
2. Quantum neural networks and quantum learning algorithms.
3. Quantum computation.
4. Graph theoretic measures applied to quantum information processing, non-contextuality and generalised physical theories, and to quantum information capacities.
5. Quantum contextuality, quantum entanglement, Bell inequalities and related topics.
6. Quantum cryptography.

For more details as to how to apply see:

Note that the advertisement stipulates a PhD in mathematics or informatics, but a suitable degree in theoretical physics or similar is also obviously acceptable for work on quantum topics.

For quantum topics please mention in your application that you would like to work with Professor Matthew G. Parker:

In this regard, please feel free to contact Prof. Parker, e-mail: