Postdoctoral Fellowship on Quantum Optical Devices with Layered Materials - University of Cambridge

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Integrated Quantum Photonics with Atomically Thin Layered Materials

We are seeking postdoctoral candidates with a strong experimental track record in layered materials and/or quantum optics to be part of an international consortium working on novel quantum devices as a partner of the EU Quantum Flagship Project 2D-SIPC. The research encompassing this post will straddle both fundamental and applied directions including (but not limited to) understanding novel properties of atomically thin material heterostructures and demonstration of scalability for integrated quantum photonics.

Quantum Optical Materials and Systems (QOMS) is an experimental research group in Cambridge, UK led by Mete Atature and has a broad research portfolio on quantum science and applications using quantum-optical light-matter interaction in solids. Our current materials of interest comprise semiconductor quantum dots, diamond defects and atomically thin layered materials. The Postdoctoral Fellow joining for this project will enjoy working together with a vibrant team of postdocs and PhD students. More information on the Quantum Optical Materials and Systems Group is available at the group website:

How to apply: Applications will be considered with a deadline of January 27th 2019. The position is for 2 years initially and can be extended. Employment requirements of the University of Cambridge and the Physics Department apply, please check the official job announcement for more information on how to submit your application:
Applicants are also encouraged to contact Mete Atatüre directly via