Postdoctoral Position in Quantum Information Theory

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The Laboratoire d'Information Quantique at the University of Brussels invites applications for a postdoctoral position. The group is composed of two faculty members, Serge Massar and Stefano Pironio, whose research interests cover both theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum information science.

The succesful applicant will participate in a research network involving leading physics and computer science groups in Europe in order to develop new quantum algorithms and new protocols for quantum communication. The research will focus on device-independent quantum information processing, and more particularly on security proofs for device independent quantum cryptography, on self-testing quantum computers, and on possible implementation of these ideas with current technology.
In addition, the successful applicant may also work on foundational questions related to quantum nonlocality, on protocols for quantum communication, on quantum algorithms, on the structure of quantum entanglement, and will be able to pursue his own research agenda.

Candidates should be highly motivated and interested to work in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment. The candidate will have a Ph.D. in physics, computer science, or equivalent, and experience in quantum information theory. Applications with a full CV, list of publications, a brief statement of research interests, and at least two letters of recommendations should be sent to Serge Massar ( or Stefano Pironio ( Applications and letters should be received by October 1, 2010, although later applications will be accepted until the position is filled.