Postdoctoral positions - Tensor Networks studies of Lattice Gauge Theories

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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We, at the Quantum Information and Many Body Physics group at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, are looking for excellent, motivated and creative postdoctoral researchers, for a challenging ERC project focusing on the study of lattice gauge theories using tensor networks (PEPS).

The work can include either (or both - up to two postdocs will be hired) analytical and numerical aspects, involving the development of a tensor network formalism tailored for lattice gauge theories - GGFPEPS (Gauged Gaussian Fermionic PEPS) and its application for computations for actual lattice gauge theories, aiming at discovering new, non-perturbative physics.

The formalism exists and has proven to work in a few benchmarks, and now we are entering the exciting next step of improving both the formalism and the code for beyond test-bench runs. Analytical tasks include mathematical classification of GGFPEPS, to understand them better and allow for building better ansatz states. Numerical tasks will include both code optimisation and its running for particular lattice gauge theories (and analysing the outcomes).

Interested candidates are asked to have background in either Quantum Information Theory (tensor networks, in particular, would be beneficial), quantum field theories, lattice gauge theories, Monte-Carlo computations or closely related topics. For the analytical tasks, a solid mathematical background is welcome, and for the numerical ones, a solid background and experience in programming.

Interested candidates are asked to send the following documents to Erez Zohar:

  • CV with the full relevant information and a list of publications
  • Letter of motivation
  • Transcripts of grades
  • Names and email addresses of two potential referees (please do not contact them directly)

The initial postdoc duration would be two years, with an optional extension.